• How long should the hair be? To achieve the best wax, the hair needs to be grown out for about 2 weeks. When the hair is about 1/4th of an inch long, it’s ready to be waxed leaving your skin soft and smooth!
  • How long should I wait between waxing treatments? Generally 4 weeks. 
  • Why should I wax every 4 weeks? Because of the hair growth cycles, waxing every 4 weeks will keep the hair on the same growth pattern; keeping the re-growth minimal and silky smooth.
  • I get razor burn is waxing good for me? Waxing is the perfect solution for those who get uncomfortable razor burn! To keep your skin silky smooth, exfoliation in the key! We love our Smooth Serum™ exfoliant and recommend it to all of our clients; they love it! 
  • Does waxing hurt? Not as bad as you think, if a seasoned professional (with A LOT of experience) is doing it. Make sure your wax is done by a properly trained Aesthetician (especially if it’s a brazilian or bikini wax). A professional does know the tricks to make it as painless as possible. 
  • Whats the skill level of the aesthetician waxing me? At Sugar Waxx we pride ourselves on giving you a fantastic wax. That is why our waxers have all the necessary Utah licensure and extensive training in body and brazilian waxing. 
  • What is the difference between a brazilian wax and a bikini? A brazilian wax includes full hair removal from front to back (unless you want to leave a landing strip or a patch of hair). The bikini includes removal of that hair that shows outside the bikini line. If you are wanting something more than a bikini but not as much hair removal as the brazilian, we do have the extended bikini. 
  • What type of wax do you use for brazilians? We mostly use soft wax for the entire brazilian then finish off with a few small strips of hard wax. Our technique and specialty waxes make the whole waxing experience as comfortable as possible. 
  • Who can not wax? Those taking Accutane or similar prescriptions (with in the last 6 months).
  • I started my period, can I still wax? Yes, it’s really no different to us and not a problem. Just wear a tampon and you are good to go.
  • Where do you offer body waxing services? To serve those in Utah County we have a location in Pleasant Grove. 1406 w. State Road. 

Pre and Post Waxing Instructions:

  • For Brazilian or bikini waxing please trim hair to about 1/4th of an inch prior to treatment. ( If you currently shave, the hair needs to be grown for 2 weeks before your wax).
  • Gentle exfoliation is perfect before waxing because it let’s the hair come out with ease.
  • For the most comfortable wax; avoid caffeine the day of your wax and take a few ibuprofen 30 mins before your apt. 
  • It is highly recommended that after your wax, you use our Smooth Serum™ $25 to prevent ingrown hairs or post wax bumps. 
  • After your wax ask us any questions you have, we will teach you how to best care for your skin after waxing.

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