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Body Waxing, Brazilian Waxing & Eyelash Extensions
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Eyelash Extensions in Utah County

Eyelash extensions every girls dream; to have eye’s that “pop” and are alluring. Eyelash extensions in Utah County have become a very popular trend. Why? Because they look flawlessly long, thick and beautiful. Every morning you wake up ready to go. Searching for an eyelash extensions expert in Utah can be confusing, there are so many different types and methods used. Here are a few things you need to know when looking for eyelash extensions.

1. The only kind of eyelash extensions that will not damage your natural lashes are the “single” or individual eyelash extensions. The other kind are called cluster. This process is quick (lazy) and leaves you with unruly lashes. The clusters not only look horrible but harm your natural lashes, stay away from these.

2.  It is important that you go to a licensed lash artist (a Aesthetician or Comsmetologist that is certified in eyelash extensions). Do your research, look at pictures of their work. Ask questions about their experience and their state licensure to do eyelash extensions.

3. Eyelash extensions look beautiful and natural when the proper lashes are used. The most popular are signature mink or faux mink lashes.  Ask what type of lashes the artist uses and why.

4.  Ask your lash artist about how long the initial lash set takes. It should typically take 1.5-2.5 hours. If it is only 30-45 minutes then you know you are not getting the real “individual” eyelash extensions.

5. Eyelash extensions should not hurt. If you have had them applied before and they were painful then they were applied incorrectly. The eyelash extensions process should be relaxing enough for you to fall asleep.

We know you will love eyelash extensions as many do in Utah County. For lash appointments call our Lash artist in Orem, Utah today! (801)822-3044

Brazilian, Bikini, Body Waxing Specials! -Orem, Draper Utah.

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 Brazilian and Bikini waxing specials!

End Febuary 28, 2011

Call to schedule in Orem or Draper Utah today! 801-822-3044

The “true” brazilian wax in Utah

Aesthetic Image in Orem and Draper Utah is proud to offer the very sought after and popular brazilian wax. If you are in the Utah county area, typically from Springville, American Fork, Pleasant Grove or Lindon you have found every spa has a different definition of what a brazilian wax is. Some call it a brazilian but when you are done with your treatment, you’re left with whole patches of hair that was not waxed off. At Aesthetic Image we offer the one and only “true” and “full” (front to back) brazilian wax! Everything off (unless you don’t want all the hair gone.) Looking for someone in Utah to do a brazilian wax CAN be a scary thing… BUT it does not have to be! A little tip that will help you know if someone is a great waxer.. how long does it take? At Aesthetic Image our brazilians typically only take 15 minutes, and we are VERY thorough giving the 100% TRUE brazilian wax! We hear (all the time) about those miserable wax jobs all around where the waxer took 45 min’s to 1 hour to do a brazilian (or bikini wax) and left patches of hair where they should not be. Don’t be a victim of a bad wax! Come to the waxing pro’s in Orem and Draper that give the true and 100% complete brazilian wax. Not to mention our prices are very nice too! P.S if you find a better price on a brazilian wax if it be in Springville, Lindon, Pleasant Grove, American Fork, Draper.. OK you get the point, we will match it! Why do we do this? Because we want you come experience the best wax you have ever had in Utah!

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